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Re: [IP] comparison questions

>1) On either one, we know that you can shut off the beeps during the
>bolus. Is it possible to turn off ALL the beeps, for example when
>scrolling through menus, etc (except for alarms of course!)

I have a MM and have the beep set to the lowest volume.  It is so quiet that 
I don't even notice it, in fact I thought it wasn't working because I didn't 
hear it beep! Turns out, it beeped but it was really quiet so I didn't hear 
anything.  Also, I know the MM clicks and the D doesn't, but you also don't 
notice that at all!!

>2) If you take out both (or all 3 on the MM) batteries at once, we
>assume you will have to reset the clock, but will you then have to
>re-program all the settings and basal rates as well? Our

On the MM, you can take out all batteries and replace them at once.  It 
doesn't ruin the programming or the clock unless you leave them out awhile.

>3) We read somewhere that on the D, with the 2 year warranty on each
>pump, that after your 2 years were up, you send it in for a checkup, and
>that it then comes back (assuming all is ok), with another 2 years of
>warranty on it, and that you can continue this process indefinitely. Can
>this really be correct???


>4) On one of the MM videos, it said to only put enough insulin in to
>last for a certain number of days (can't remember the exact number now).
>Is there some reason why you should not just fill it all the way up and
>thus be able to wait a bit longer before refilling? It was our
>understanding that there is generally no problem with the insulin
>quality as long as you don't expose it to lots of temperature extremes.

On the MM, you can do 160 units or the full 300.  With the full syringe, the 
neck sticks out a little further.  there is no reason you can't fill it up 
all the way.  I only fill mine halfway because I only use 20 units a day.  I 
know people who fill it all the way and have no problems.

>Hope you guys can help us out!

Both pumps are great and work fine!!  Good luck!
--Gianna, pumping 3 days.

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