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[IP] Fran, could you explain gastro to me??? and Steven of course you aren't doing everything wrong

Date: Thu, 09 Sep 1999 09:32:40 -0700
From: Fran Baumgartner <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Am I Doing Everything Wrong? NO


You're not doing anything wrong at all!.  You're only human.  I can relate
to so
much of your message.  When I first got on the pump almost a year ago, after a
couple of months of adjustments and doing the fasts I was able to get my
a1c down,
keep my blood sugars level, and I was thrilled.  <Now since my gastro has
reared it's
ugly head my blood sugars are not stable, having more lows, more highs (
still not
nearly as high as when not on the pump) and I've been really frustrated and
depressed.  >"

First of all, I totally agree with what you wrote to Steven and I hope that
things get better for YOU Steven! I had so many inner fears about those
infusion sets that when the CDE showed me how to put in my infusion set I
had to sit down with my head between my knees, I almost fainted. I still
hate doing it, and for many months sat down and drank a beer before I could
face an infusion set (now THAT's not something anybody should do, I know,
link alcohol to a task!)

I have a not altogether altruistic reason for writing though...Fran, I
wanted you to explain gastroperesis (sp?) to me, the symptoms. I am 6
months pregnant with twins and have had persistent problems with sudden
huge rises in blood sugars following meals followed by horrible lows later
on (rises being over 250 and lows being below 45). This is NOT what the
docs want to see during my pregnancy of course but I can't seem to stop the
cycle and I am wondering if this sounds sort of "gastro" to you...and if
you have any tips for me, dietary or otherwise. I don't have a minimed so a
square wave is not available to me, but I have tried mimicing a square wave
with no good results. 

So, even though my A1C happens to be at 5.2, the numbers are all over the
spectrum and can't be good for these little babies, and are making me twice
as tired as a "normal" twin pregnancy, which is anywhere from dead and
buried to zombie state :). 


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