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[IP] Simulator Demonstration program of Disetronic HTronPlus

Laura & Shane Arns,
You may be especially interested in playing with a simulator
of the Disetronic H-Tron Plus insulin pump.
If you need help interpreting its German-language, it is only
a few hundred feet from you in Pierson Hall on ISU Campus there.
You could probably, as a "prospective customer" talk Disetronic
out of a copy of the pump's manual to assist in knowing enough
to perform some of the simulator's programming exercises.
(and anybody else in IP who may want to try it too):
It is in German-language only, runs on MS-Windows
(95 I have, probably would work on 3.1, should 98/NT)
1,165,515 bytes Pumpendemo.exe to install
and "Unwise.exe" for un-installing after you tire of it:
>Diabetes Management Basics Functioning of the Insulin Pump
>Operating Download Simulation
At each ">" arrow, step through that menu-item to get to
the next heading item.
This is on the Swiss world-center site of Disetronic A.G.,
not the USA site of www.disetronic-usa.com

Tell me what you think of it as a minor exercise in being a
Virtual Reality Application ?

David C. Winegarden
Fremont, CA

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