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[IP] Am I doing everything wrong?


I've read the thread of posts and everyone from the list has been very
supportive which is just what you need.  I started on the pump the
beginning of August - shortly after you, I guess, and my basal rates
have changed four times!  The first week on the pump can be very
deceiving if you were previously on long acting insulin.  It takes a
good bit of time for it to get out of your system and can continue to
suppress bg's.  Then the real deal happens.  So, since things change all
the time, it's a good possibility that your basal rates need adjusting.
In fact, basal rates can change with the seasons (or so I'm told since
I'm a newbie :))  I agree with the recommendation for the book "Pumping
Insulin" - it has become my bible this last month. If your CDE and
internist are unable to help with basal adjustments, this book is a
must.  It tells you how to test your basal rates and make necessary
adjustments.  Anyhow, the most valuable comment made to me in the last
month was from a CDE that I've just switched to and she said "this will
take three to six months of hard work - but the payoff is worth it." 
This made me feel alot better, because I was feeling anxious like you
about getting everything just right.  When I realized that I was on the
low end of the learning curve and that things will get better, it took
some pressure off.

Also, I've heard (not certain) that MM is coming out with an insertion
device like the Sof-Serter for the Silhouettes - which is like the
Tender, is it not?  So if you are thin and need to use this type of set
- there may be help on the way.

I sincerely wish you all the best.  I also agree with all that was said
about depression and diabetes.  I have seen a counselor on and off for
at least the last ten years.  It is a big load to carry when you have a
chronic disease and often you feel like no one understands.  You tend to
give yourself no credit and many times other people see you as someone
to be admired.  Give yourself a break and take some time for you.  Good
Luck and stay in touch.

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