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I am 30 and was dx'd when I was 11. Pumping since June 7, 1999

In my opinion you are definitely on "Information Overload".

I never ever checked until 3 years ago when I wanted to get pregnant.

Went to an endo, got re-educated and starting taking 3 shots a day and
checking 3-4 times a day which I wasn't that happy about...because hey I
was happy before, never had any problems..no major crashing,
etc..probably because I was sky high all the time. 

I guess I accepted it. Then I went to Mexico..8 days all inclusive great
right (PAID FOR, NON-REFUNDABLE)..well I panicked BAD..came home the day
after I got there..felt really bad for my husband. I crossed the line
from worry to panic thinking about my sugar dropping. I was in the
middle of jungle, what if I passed out, etc. after getting re-educated
all these bad thoughts went through my head. 

Came home went to a psychiatrist, therapy, etc...for me I think it all
comes down to acting like a diabetic...after years of not knowing what
my sugar was and never thinking of the complications of loose control
and now knowing more of how my body works, etc. it scares me. ONE

Anyway after about a year went to 4 shots a day, then heard how everyone
LOVED the pump, and figured my pregnancy would be easier..because after
women go through hard pregnancies..taking like 6-8 shots a day they
eventually go on the pump.

I check about 10 times a day but have learned that checking is good for
me, because I don't worry what my number is because I probably just
checked...actually it is liberating. And yes when I am high it bothers
me, but can you imagine what you were before you checked and ate
whatever you wanted.

Before I went on the pump I was always anxious about going low, since I
panicked in Mexico, the anxiety has not really left me. (IT SUCKS).
Nothing ever stopped me before, now whenever we go out..omigod do I have
this, do I have that, I'm like somebody I don't like..but this is
diabetes. Anyway you have done my 3 year transition in 5 months, if I
were you I would probably be in the loony bin. I still feel that I don't
really accept my diabetes.. I am mad..and I want it to GO AWAY!!


I can't say I love my pump, but there are some advantages, like
corrections, you can take like 25 shots a day, right? and sleeping later
on weekends, even though I check at 7am, after I just roll over
again..much easier then going downstairs and eating. Oh and of course
the excellent control you can achieve..just wait till you get your first
A1c and compare it to the last one.

Definitely try soft-sets they are much easier to insert.

Oh and don't you realize everyone on this list has major gripes about
diabetes and the pump. Do you do any kind of exercising? My treadmill
has really helped me see life in a better way.

Just take a deep breath..everything will work out..it has to.

I think everybody must be worried about you. Please let us know how you

Tell us what state you are in, I'm in Jersey.

Take Care, 

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