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Re: [IP] Re: schools against kids - Sorry it's long!

    If I were to have a student with diabetes, which thankfully this year I 
don't, and the school did not allow in-room testing, I would send another 
student with them to the nurses office. That way, if the child were stopped, 
the other student could report the difficulty and a deadly mistake would be 
avoided. With a younger child, I would probably ask another teacher to watch 
my class and walk them myself, so they would not be scared. I think its hard 
for some parents to image schools being different from when they were there - 
its difficult for me and I am not that old. It's also difficult for teachers 
to not be concerned and over protective. Most of us truly care and want to do 
the best for EACH student in our class. Education and compromise are the key.
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