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Re: [IP] Re: schools against kids - Sorry it's long!

Yes I hear you. My daughter is a middle school teacher and she has to live
with fears at school. It is not an easy job and I think most people do not
understand that teachers lives are at stake today also..schools do what
they can. there are alot of issues today and being angry at schools or
teachers or school nurses isn't going to help. 

At 06:34 PM 09/09/1999 -0400, you wrote:
>I was not trying to stigmatize anyone, just trying to relate how educators 
>who haven't come across this situation before might be thinking initially.
>for stick pins, well I have been stuck with one by a child (schizophrenic
>lost it because I played a song which reminded her of a rape she had 
>experienced and the voices told her to kill me - she was in 2nd grade). And 
>you're right, I still use them, because I like to think that most kids are 
>good, smart and reasonable and will do the right thing. All I wanted to 
>relate was that there is a real fear out there and that it is somewhat 
>reasonable. The management of our schools is not easy and it is not always 
>done right. Someday, I hope we can find a way to care for and educate every 
>child as an individual without having to make sweeping "all or nothing"
>Until then, I guess we just keep doing the best we can.
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