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[IP] Insurance

The ongoing saga of the insurance battle............despite having told me 
(before I bought a pump) that pump supplies would be covered at 100% as 
durable medical equipment, the insurance company has changed its mind and 
denied me coverage of supplies as DME.  I will only be covered at 50%.  This 
is because supplies can only be purchased from medical supply houses which 
are not in-network providers.  If I could get supplies are a pharmacy, they 
would be covered 75%.  So if supplies are pharmaceutical items, why can't I 
find them at any pharmacies? I am a single mother putting an older child thru 
college.  I don't know how I will afford this.
An unrelated question: My son is having trouble getting his tenders to stick. 
 They tend to fall out before time to change.  Someone suggested 
antiperspirant before inserting - but wouldn't that affect the sterility of 
the site?
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