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Re: [IP] Re: schools against kids - Sorry it's long!

I was not trying to stigmatize anyone, just trying to relate how educators 
who haven't come across this situation before might be thinking initially. As 
for stick pins, well I have been stuck with one by a child (schizophrenic who 
lost it because I played a song which reminded her of a rape she had 
experienced and the voices told her to kill me - she was in 2nd grade). And 
you're right, I still use them, because I like to think that most kids are 
good, smart and reasonable and will do the right thing. All I wanted to 
relate was that there is a real fear out there and that it is somewhat 
reasonable. The management of our schools is not easy and it is not always 
done right. Someday, I hope we can find a way to care for and educate every 
child as an individual without having to make sweeping "all or nothing" laws. 
Until then, I guess we just keep doing the best we can.
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