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[IP] Re: 2:30 am tests

Hi all--
 Been busy with school starting (and pumping, there's a story!) but
wanted to add in--
 Ruth, I've had D ten years, for years my parents only checked me if I
was low, had been extra active, or under about 120 b4 going to bed,
mind you that was on shots, until about November 1996--had an incident
in the nighttime which was totally unexpected, i'd been oh i don't know
150 or something over 120 when i went to bed, woke up the next morning
looked like i'd had a stroke (todd's paralysis). The endo thinks i
crashed in teh night and that was the left over effect, and no one
noticed until my mom came to wake me up at 6:30am for school and things
weren't right..that night, there was no 3am check. It scared the hech
out of them,e ven in the er b/c they had no clue about it, and it
scared me too. I don't like my mom checking on me every night, but i
can see the reasons for it. lately it's only at 3am unless i tell her 
i think it needs to be another time or two (it was 1:30 and 4:30) 2
nights ago, can't remember why i said those times, but turned out i was
low at both. Sometimes she takes a night off, if i tell her I don't
think there's a single reason for her to check me..she never trusted
that when i told her that on shots, which i'm not sure if i admitted to
her, but it was good, b/c 9 out of 10 times i would go low for no
apparent reason..mind you that was on shots, and even after ten years
you cannot predict what is going to happen..that's why my parents are
scared aboutthe night, plus having seen several incidents including
being belligerent, unable to wake, glucagon etc etc. Now on the pump if
i say don't check on me she trusts me and so far we'vehad no probs with
that, but MINDYOU I really look back at what i've done in teh day, if
i've eaten and had to bolus after 5:30 or not b4 i say anything. I
don't mean to scareyou, but my parents are just like this, I don't
"enjoy" being awoken to eat or to bolus, but it is necessary sometimes,
and still now b/c i cut out eating after dinner (if i eat after 8
(dinner is 5:30) i go high) but went low all night the other night, so
now am on rocky ground figuring if it's basals or whatnot.
 My parents were NEVER so "paranoid" about nights as they are now (3
yrs later!) but the incident made them lose their sense of security,
which we hope will be regained through the pump and no lente not
working/over working in me.
 Also, I do NOT wake up with lows, never have, which complicates
things...can sleep through alarms (why my mom checks me) and if i'm low
I'd have a much harder time waking up to test myself...

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