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Re: [IP] Re: schools against kids - Sorry it's long!

On  9 Sep 99 at 15:48, Ginny Kloth wrote:

> A lancet may not be a weapon for a child who has diabetes. The ADA provides
> "reasonable" (that is the *word*) accomadations.  As a parent myself and as a
> grandparent now I would not like to have my children hadnling lancets or even
> accidently getting stuck by one. Why?

Then do you have any other suggestions for the child who should by all 
"reasonable" definitions be able to test their bg level without having to beg 
permission from the teacher to leave the room.  Children running around in the 
hallway tend to get hassled by the security guards too, and wouldn't it be fun 
if the child was in the "goofy" stage and instead of getting their bg checked 
got sent to detention for a drug test...  

As a further thought, why change the lancet or have a loose one out?  The 
lancet in my "sticker" hasn't been changed for about two months now and 
probably won't be changed for another month...  Then you don't have an 
"exposed" lancet floating around.  People tend to panic over the smallest thing 
if you give them the chance.  The school systems are operating at nearly "full 
paranoia" mode and it is understandable.  But it bothers me when their paranoia 
and fear makes it a dangerous place for someone who can do well with reasonable 
accomodations and they refuse to budge.  Then those same administrators who 
scream "I don't care what the child's medical condition is - NO LANCETS 
ALLOWED" would line up crying if a "school choice" option were available and 
people started leaving their little despotic empire...  

Before you get upset over a "harsh tone" just remember what themes we often see 
in problem reports:

1 - a doctor, nurse, or other "professional" is stuck in a time warp and 
refuses to see beyond NPH, boiling glass syringes and THE SCHEDULE,

2 - a principal, teacher or other "education professional" makes life difficult 
for children by outlawing lancets, bg testing or pumps (they look like pagers, 
after all!) and refusing to allow the child to integrate diabetes treatment and 
a normal lifestyle and they refuse to learn anything about what is actually 

3 - a preacher, counselor or other "spiritual professional" injures a person by 
loading up and giving them a "guilt trip" with comments like "it's your 
fault..." or "you aren't doing enough",

4 - a family member or friend "takes charge" of a person with diabetes and 
humiliates them in public, interferes with their treatment plan and otherwise 
makes life difficult because "I saw this on Oprah..." or "my Great Aunt Sadie 
had diabetes and she always/never..." and therefore they are an expert on all 
aspects of the condition....

A common thread in all of these situations is a person assuming the role of 
despotic ruler or control freak and applying irrelevant or bad information to 
the situation at hand.  This is one of the reasons why education is critical 
and so is vocal advocacy of the basic rights of a person with diabetes.  If we 
don't speak up then nobody else will.  I've talked to many people who have been 
injured by one of the above situations and it is very difficult to recover from 
being told "it's all your fault" when it's not.  It's also hard to have to 
"fight the system" to properly handle your medical treatment when that system 
is designed to prevent you from doing so...  

Maybe it's time for another set of bumper stickers?  Remember "TEST PROUDLY"...

Randall P. Winchester
* The views expressed here are mine and do not necessarily *
* reflect the official position of anyone in particular.            *
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* If I say I understand something completely the only thing
* we can both be assured of is that I must have completely
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