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Re: [IP] Regarding those Breakfast Highs

> now that we know that a certain food is HIGH...do we just avoid it? 
> wish we could find a way to bolus for it. I don't think geneva will
> give up her "luckycharms" or "kix"!

Simply make sure it is consumed with other low glycemic index foods 
so that a balance is achieved. BTW, Lucky Charms and Trix may not 
have that high a glycemic index. Just because a food contains excess 
sugar does not mean the sugar is readily available to tthe body. Many 
sweetners used in cereals are complex sugars that must be digested, 
which takes quite a long time compared to the time required to 
convert highly refined grain (essentially pure starch) into glucose. 
I don't know this for sure, but I suspect plain old cheerios go in 
faster than the kids stuff.

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