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Re: [IP] Re: BCBS of MA (To Michael)

> As for stone age mentality I think you need to check your attitude.
> The fact that this insurance company even recognizes that pumps are
> out there and are willing to cover them seems pretty advanced to me.
First, I did not mean to be critical, I think that being able to get 
written policy statements from the Insuranc Co's is key to turning 
them around, since the policy statements are usually ridiculous. I 
concurr completely with your motives. No critisim intended.

I'm a little burnt out by constantly trying to help people get around 
the ridiculous and medically incorrect "policy" statements. 
This particular statement is "defensive" in nature. In my opinion, 
trying to discourage people from trying to obtain necessary medical 
care. The position is calculated and contrary to good health care 
policy in general. It is not a new position, I have a similar written 
"policy" from BS of Calif from 5 years ago that was sent to me when 
trying to obtain coverage for my daughter. Upon denial (what a 
suprise) I told the lady from the Medical Directors that the pump 
WOULD BE COVERED pursuant to the order from Lily's physician and the 
insurance company's contractual or I would refer the matter to our 
attorney (this was after 1 1/2 years of crap). Needless to say the 
approval was obtained in under 2 weeks.

I have no sympathy whatsoever for BCBS and I believe these so called 
policy statements are intended to purposefully mislead the policy 
holders into thinking that pumps are very difficult to get and that 
the criteria for their use under the insurance policy if difficult to 
meet. Nothing could be further from the truth.

> before you make a judgement on my insurance and their policy on
> pumps...does your insurance even have one?

> A bit myphed by your attitude,

It is not directed toward you. Your posting was excellent and useful. 
I think the information posted on the BCBS MA site clearly 
illustrates just how sneaky our insurers are. They know full well 
that most of what is posted in the policy statement is out of date 
bye many years and in some cases completely erroneous.

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