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Re: [IP] 504 help

The only problem with this whole thing is "what school nurse?"!!!!!!!!!
There is no such thing in our school district.  We did update the 504,
Taylor's teacher was very interested in things we had to say and our
requests.  We do have it so now they will give glucagon if he were to pass
out, with a low like the other day I don't want to take chances!!!
Hopefully things will straighten out.  All the individuals who were on the
504 committee last year have changed (with the exception of Taylor and I).
He is in a new classroom, his other principle (who was diabetic himself)
retired, and the guidance counselor passed away after a long battle with
cancer, so re-education is the key here.
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> <<   I also need to remember to add in
>  the plan that he is not to exercise with a bg below 70, as he called home
>  and was 29 today, and still went to gym class.  Silly me I though they
>  understood what all was involved!!!  I guess I must be very explicit.
>  Holly >>
>  Shame on you!! You silly person. You thought the school nurses would know
> enough not to let him go to gym, good luck.

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