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Re: [IP] Am I Doing Everything Wrong?


As the daughter of a Mom who still 37 years later blames herself, I say ...

>   I take
> every high number personally as well! I continually blame myself, after all,
> i'm the main caretaker, so what did I do wrong!  And don't forget with every
> low........i'm to blame as well....i didn't give him enough carbs or i didn't
> cut back the insulin enough for excersise!

IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT.  I know you were trying to help Steve, but it just tears me
apart at how hard parents work for their kids and then they blame themselves.
It's nobodies fault, it's life, it's reality.  OK, now you can yell at me at the
diabetic to not to so perfect!  :-)  I praise my parents as well as all the
parents on this list for caring so much and for what they must endure as
parents.  Even though I am 39 I know my parents still get scared for me.  But,
bottom line it's not their fault.  Ok, I'll shut up now.

Fran in Az

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