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Re: [IP] Glucagon and School-long

Ok Sherry, you chose your "friends and classmates" as responsible persons to 
care for a serious low, if you couldn't treat it yourself!  Now how would you 
feel if they were'nt "reliable" or showed signs of "not" understanding 
procedures!!!  This is all we nurse bashing people are trying to say......me 
atleast......is that we're depending on the school nurse to be a responsible 
adult to care for our children in "situations" where there needed, and excuse 
me for saying......but most of them are "dingy" or to busy......they need 
more than one in some school offices to be there for EVERY child when needed! 
 Maybe someday when you have a child, you'll understand the importance of 
someone being responsible for your child when your not there.  It is very 
difficult to do.....trust someone other than yourself!  That in itself is a 
big problem for me too!  I'm glad you did so well in school with your 
care......and i'm just trying to get you to understand some parents point of 
view,  as far as school nurses are concerned.  Sorry so long.

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