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Re: [IP] Am I Doing Everything Wrong? NO

   You've been given LOTS of great advice & most importantly REAL support 
from those who truly understand your pain. I have often told "outsiders" that 
diabetes is an incredibly insidious disease because my teenager looks & acts 
perfectly "normal" ( and is) but the capriciousness of this chronic illness 
is such that a miscalculation can result in dire consequences that truly 
"normal" people never face. We too experienced the frustration of EVERYONE 
having wonderful results with Humalog in their pumps & were feeling equally 
disappointed until Melissa's pump-trainer happened to mention that she too 
was unsuccessful & was "feeling like a failure"! It was as if we were "given 
permission" NOT to be sharing in every else's success stories. We stopped the 
Humalog & when she re-tried it for a 3rd time months later, Melissa found it 
worked great if she delayed bolusing until AFTER she ate- otherwise she 
crashed within an hour after eating, only to go into the 300s hours 
later.....The beauty of pump therapy for us has been that whenever things 
WEREN'T working well, there was always another avenue to pursue to get her 
back on track!!! Good luck to you - you too will find your own individual 

Regards, Renee ( 16 yr old Melissa's pump-mom/coach and advocate)
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