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Re: [IP] Am I Doing Everything Wrong?

Steve, my son Matt who is 10, isn't even pumping yet .....soon to 
be......anyway, i just wanted to give you some support, i feel really badly 
how upset and frustrated you are!  Matt has only been diagnosed 8 mos now, 
and believe me i know how frustrating this whole disease can be!  I take 
every high number personally as well! I continually blame myself, after all, 
i'm the main caretaker, so what did I do wrong!  And don't forget with every 
low........i'm to blame as well....i didn't give him enough carbs or i didn't 
cut back the insulin enough for excersise!  My opinion is that your in a 
shocked state so to speak because now your being forced to test so often and 
actually see those numbers!  Please, Please, for yourself, and your family, 
don't give up, try to accept the fact that you will have times of frustration 
and know that sometimes even if you do everything exactly right, your numbers 
won't be!  Sorry to just go on and on.......but i'm sorry your having such a 
time of it!  Keep at it!  It can only get better!

Mag, mom of 10yr old Matt
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