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Re: [IP] Re: schools against kids - Sorry it's long!

Really now, is a lancet any more dangerous than a push pin that has poked
someone?  I think not, but we don't dispose of the push pin if it pricks us,
do we?  we just use it on the bulletin board.  

We should ask why kids are planning to blow up the school and shooting
fellow students.  Some report that it is a feeling of isolation and
rejection that is the cause.  Now ask, why the ADA was written.  To force
inclusion of disabled students, even if the admin. is ignorant and
misinformed.  They used to be isolated and rejected.

A lancet is not a weapon!!!!!!! One can carry them onto planes.   A test
strip is no more dangerous than a nose tissue with snot in it.  What if a
student got into the trash and picked up a used Kleenex..... we better have
students go to the nurses station to blow their nose (sarcasm).  If a kid
was in a wheelchair there are lots of what ifs that we could come up with
but the law says that they get to be in the classroom, no questions asked.
Diabetics are no different, they should be in the classroom, no questions

Our old nurse said my daughter could not use a counter top because there was
a paper cutter near by and she might hurt herself with it while she was

Come on, get real!!!!

We must force the schools to make real rules that are functional for the
students.  Zero tolerance policies are just a lazy way to ignore the real
problems.  They don't stop the serious kid with a gun or a knife.  They just
allow expulsion of the kid with a butter knife to peel his orange.  

As for nurses in the schools, that is ok. As long as they don't get in my or
my kids hair about treating diabetes.  That is none of their business and
way beyond their scope and understanding.  They should be there for
emergency (911) and temporary care until I arrive to handle the situation.
The attitude that I have seen last year was that they were in charge and
would do what they thought best.  Well, they are not in-charge, we are.  

As for the pay of nurses, we don't need full on RNs for school.  I think
that all we need is someone trained in first aid and some special conditions
that is designated as the medical person on campus.  Any real emergency
should involve 911.  The Band-Aids and inhalers and insulin can be overseen
by a trained person.  This way we don't get the arrogance from some nurse
that thinks they know all about diabetes from the lecture that they had in

As you can see, I have little patience for paranoia about testing in the
classroom.  I do understand that people are not in tune with the special
needs of our kids and may not react correctly at first.  I will not tolerate
the educated ones that persist in stigmatizing and burdening our kids with
their paranoia.

Curtis Lomax

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