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[IP] A lesson ;)

A while back there was a list member who mentioned that she seemed
depressed and apathetic about testing... that she maybe tested once
every two days...

Well, although I am not like that (I am more obsessive compulsive
about knowing my numbers)... I have a little illustration to prove the
of testing.

For those of you that know me, I am extremely resistant to developing
ketones.  Last weekend, I went out to dinner.  Started at 120.
Ate a veggie burger on a big bun, a few potato chips and some
lettuce leaves off my date's plate... and a single "light" beer.
The frozen kind of veggie burgers were much different that this
one but I used that as a reference guess... 19 g. + bun + beer (8g.)
+ an estimated 20g. of potato chips.  This should have if anything
put me low (I usually try to overestimate when out eating instead
of being conservative).

A few hours later at a party, I decided to test at random....
We drove home and I drank 2 L of water (oooef!) and tested
my urine (i bolused before leaving and decided to test at home
to see if it was the set  - i.e if I had had any drop).
At home I had already dropped to 380 and I was showing traces
of ketones...

I shudder to think if I HADN"T tested...

My determination is that the veggie burger probably had
a lot more grain than the kind I usually eat -
but it just goes to show that constant testing is necessary even
when you "think" you've got it down... you still need to be on
top of things.


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