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Re: [IP] Am I Doing Everything Wrong?


you should find a psychiatrist, or some other mental-health professional
ASAP... you are correct to think that the root of your problems may be
depression....  when i was finally diagnosed with depression two years
ago, i was told that juvenile onset diabetes is particularly linked to
depression... (the therapist who mentioned it was frustrated that no one
had mentioned it when i was diagnosed....)  i have since gone on an
anti-depressant, and re-vamped how i live my life.... not only has the
quality of my life over-all improved, but so has my diabetes care, to the
point that i'm now waiting to get final approval, and training for the
pump.... you can and should get help, you'll be amazed what life is like
when not viewed through the haze of depression.....


p.s. feel free to email me privately if you want to talk more.....

Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted
NOTE!  NEW NUMBER!!!!!!!!!  -----> (617) 491-7935

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