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Re: [IP] 2:30am test

>    In contrast to Michael's routine, we NEVER check Melissa in the
>    middle of 
> the night, unless we're doing a basal fast.....
>. Since very
> intense sports can cause delayed lows, I might feel differently if
> Melissa were as active as Lily and this other teen - but she's
> not.......and so far, she does awaken when she's low 

Just to add to Renee's comments. Lily does NOT awaken when she is 
low, she just keeps slipping deeper into the pit. If she IS awake, 
she will not be able to go to sleep, but once asleep, that's it.... 
She's relatively stable during non-sports weeks during the summer of 
which there are about 4 - 5. The rest of the time, her 2:30 bg's are 
all over the place. She is stable as a rock from 2:30 'til morning. 
She usually goes to bed between 10:30 and 12:00

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