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Re: [IP] 2:30am test


we're still doing both midnight and 2-3 am tests because geneva has been
swinging so much.

last night she didn't drop below 260 until after a third bolus at 3 am.
(target 150)
  then she woke up to a nice 122.

I am beginning to think there is no end to these middle of the night tests.
if I had let her go through midnight test,  she would have been about 400 by
3 am !

looking back at my early logs from when we were first testing basals...I was
thinking that the unexplained highs at night were from a poor site!  now I
know that she was in her growth mode and that no matter what we did...she
would have been high.  we actually did a site change at midnight back in
june!  what a waste of time that was.

I am going to presume that G. is in another growth spurt and will not adjust
these night time basals.  I will just test often and bolus.
(conservatively, though)

eventually she will take a dip and her lower basals should work fine.

this is all speculation, of course!

mom to geneva, age 10...pumping since june

> Are any of you doing that 2:30am test even if there hasn't been a late
> before bedtime?

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