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[IP] Re: What am I doing wrong?

     <And the only thoughts going through my mind are "what am I doing 
     "why am I having such a hard time", "where are the benefits of the 
     pump for me".>
     Steve, I read your whole post and first let me say as I am sure others 
     have and will, that we are all here for you, take comfort in that. You 
     seem to want do  what is best for yourself, but it sounds like you 
     need help emotionally, and THEN your pump problems can worked through. 
     You sound unsure of yourself and your ability to handle this, and you 
     are mad, and frustrated, too. I know I have felt some of what you talk 
     about, but to a lesser extent. My feeling is that you need someone to 
     talk with about feeling the way you do, to sort through why and where 
     those feelings come from. It will help you with your marriage, too. It 
     will show her you're taking initiative in helping yourself, and 
     thereby, you'll both be helped. Love is very strong,deep, and 
     steadfast. Please find someone to talk to professionally, and don't 
     give up completely on the pump. If you go to the IP page, there is a 
     listing under links to help people find doctors. I went through 6 
     before I found a perfect match. Keep reading here, and write us. We 
     want to know that you are doing allright(or not allright,too). Take 
     care please, and I'll pray for you. 
     Sarah B.(email @ redacted)-feel free to write me. 
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