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Re: [IP] Am I Doing Everything Wrong?

<< I'm so frustrated and depressed that I'm seriously considering quitting the
pump. >>


Sounds like you have several major stressors in your life right now.
Stepping back and giving yourself some slack might be a good idea at this
point.  It does take time to get used to pumping, especially since you are
also still trying to get used to the idea of tight control.  Here are a few

If you want to keep trying with the pump, then try a different type of
infusion set.  It sounds like a lot of your stress comes from trying to
insert the tenders.  The MiniMed sof-sets WILL work in your Disetronic
pump.  They have an automatic insertion device, called a "Sof-serter" that
makes insertion a lot easier.  If you aren't extremely thin, they would
probably work for you.  If you decide to go this route, you'll need to make
sure and order the sof-serter -- I don't think it is automatically shipped
with the sof-sets.

Yes, you might want to verify your basal rates by fasting.  If your basals
are off, then it will throw everything else out of whack.  After that,
verify your carb to insulin ratio.  Eat something that you are "sure" of
the carb content, and check your bg two hours later.  If you are too high,
adjust your ratio down, too low -- adjust it up.  Try the same food again
and see if you get better results.

If you decide to take a break from the pump, until some other things in
your life settle down, that's OK.  It doesn't mean you are a failure, or
that you have failed with pumping.  You need to look at your overall
well-being and do what is best.  Perhaps after you get a new job, and
you've smoothed things over with your wife, you should give the pump
another chance.  If you do this, though, you don't have to totally let go
of your diabetes control.  You can still count carbs and check your blood
sugar just as you would if you were pumping.  Note that I said "check" your
blood sugar.  Think of it as information for your benefit -- not a "test"
to be passed or failed.  It's just data, and is only temporary -- it will
change. :-)

Many people don't see an endo.  If you are happy with your internist and
CDE, then go with it.  If they aren't as familiar with pumping, then you
may have to do some of the "learning" yourself.  The book "Pumping Insulin"
will give you a lot of help, and we (the list) can always help answer

Take a deep breath and be kind to yourself.  Pumping isn't always a bed of
roses and NOBODY is perfect.

Best wishes,
Mary Jean 
(who still takes a deep breath and hesitates when it's time to insert that
silhouette / tender needle -- I've been using them for almost two years!)

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