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Re: [IP] Weary and Confused

On  8 Sep 99 at 18:41, email @ redacted wrote:

>My question
> is:  what's up with the endo keeping us on a rigid schedule?  Am I missing
> something?  I pretty much decided I will keep educating myself and making
> decisions in conjunction with the CDE if needed, and just stick to the endo
> for quarterly checkups.  Your input is appreciated.  I'm very confused about
> this

It's another case of "Dr Death" not really understanding or caring about 
patients.  Sounds like he's still on a control kick and not up to date.  It 
probably interferes with his golf game or day trading activities... patient 
care just interferes too much with his life...  You keep on educating yourself 
so you can be an informed consumer and educate your son as well... 

If we don't speak up for ourselves then the "medical establishment" tends to 
abuse us.  There are some excellent doctors and nurses out there but 
unfortunately they are somewhat rare...

Randall P. Winchester
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