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Re: [IP] Schools against kids/only pumper in school dist.

On  8 Sep 99 at 10:11, deborah wrote:

> Randall,
> I checked with  the EMT's in the city that Eve goes to school in and they can
> give glucagon to her, they even carry it in the ambulance. If the fire
> department arrives first (which they won't) they can not give glucagon. In the
> city I live in the fire department paramedics can't  give injections, but
> could tell me how to do it.

This is one of those areas where it varies from state to state and even within 
a state.  We have several EMT's on duty around the clock at the plant, and 
according to the instructor who was here for their last CEU class they cannot 
give glucagon without being in direct contact with a doctor becuase it is 
considered medication.  Dispensing or administering medication is considered 
"outside their area of training" and they could loose their license.  The EMS 
paramedics (with the ambulance) can administer glucagon becuase they have a 
set of "general orders" and are also in radio contact with the ER...  We got 
into a long discussion of who can administer it and when - seems kind of 
strange that in many cases the person you'd think would be best qualified is 
prohibited and a person with no qualifications is protected if they mess it 

Randall P. Winchester
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