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[IP] MM door latch

<< I do have a problem keeping the reservoir door CLOSED.  It flopps open when
I am in bed.  It seems to have no positive latch. >>

You can get this fixed.  Call MM and explain what is happening.  They will
probably offer to send you a loaner pump while they fix yours.  You will
likely have the option of keeping the loaner or getting your pump back
after it has been fixed.  This is a safety issue, IMHO -- if the door is
falling open during your sleep, you could inadvertently pull the driver
arms off the plunger and your pump would stop delivering.  Or the flip side
is that you could somehow manage to inject all that insulin!  

Another alternative would be to put the pump in its leather case while you
sleep -- it would keep the door from swinging open.

Mary Jean

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