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[IP] Gushers

I have heard about gushers before on the list, but experienced one for the
first time this morning.  It was really scary, there was a lot of blood
from the back of the silhouette after I inserted it.  The first clue that I
infiltrated something was that while the set didn't hurt as I first slid it
in, I felt
a very sharp pain as I pushed it the last couple of millimeters in.  Then
I pulled the introducer needle out, I felt that same pain and when I looked
down, I was a mess.

I measured the location of the site for caution and comparision, as they
to occur in the same place for many people.  Mine was three inches up from
my belly button, and 5 inches over to the left.

be careful my insulin pumper comrades!

Miranda Miller
Electro-Optics Engineer
TRW Systems / Nightvision Labs
mailto: email @ redacted

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