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[IP] Glucagon and School

Ok made a new subject so that people would no that schools
weren't against kids in general.

Anyways, to the issue of glucagon and schools.  My situation
was not quite the same as the others on this list but thought
maybe this could help.  

To be clear, I am not familiar with the whole 504 thing, and
never had one, but I did have a plan when at school.  

First, I did not blood test at school.  I have been out for
quite a while and even back then I was thought unsual for 
testing 3 times a day. (Egads when I think back on that).
However, I did treat for lows.  I kepts rolls of cherry
lifesavers in my back pack and when I felt low I would 
eat 4-6 (10-15g of Carb).  I did not have a lunch injection
then, but I was giving my own shots so I wouldn't have 
even thought to ask someone to do it for me.  

As for glucagon, I carried a set in my backpack and in elementary
school my two best friends and my older brother knew when and
how to give it.  Glucagon is relatively easy you dilute and inject.
Placement isn't even that important, muscle or tissue works. 
Luckly they never needed to administer it.  Yes my friends were
6, but I was diagnosed at age 4 and had taught them how to do
it by giving me some of my injections.  It is amazing how good
a 6 year old can be at shots.  In middle school and high 
school I had at least two friends in each class who knew 
what to do.  (2 in case one was sick).  Also all my teachers
knew about the glucagon and I always explained it as the 
diabetics equivelent to a "bee sting" kit for people allergic
to bee stings.  That usually helped them to understand. They
also knew what to do, but were more comfortable knowing someone
else knew how to do it.

Now granted this is a span of 5-17 years ago, so schools may
have changed with their policies.  In high school I did my
injections in the middle of class without anyone blinking
an eye.  There were 5 diabetes in that school that I knew
about and none of us went through the school nurse for anything,
although it was in our files.

Sorry so long, I am just trying to grasp the concept of what
the big problem with school nurses is.  Maybe I am just not
understanding the way school systems work.

- Sherry
Age 23 dxd 8/9/80 pumping soon...hopefully...keeping fingers crossed.
Thanks.  Sherry Webb Nolan	

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