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Re: [IP] Very Upset--Help --Long

Thanks to everyone who sent me notes about Ron.  I have been asked to send 
updates so here it is.  I received a call last night that Ron finally got out 
of intensive care and was put in his own room.  He was given a little food.  
He had not eaten since lunch on Tuesday.  I was told that he will be kept in 
the hospital until they find out what is going on.  I do hope so, but more I 
hope what family he has will do more for him.  It isn't that they don't care 
for Ron.  They really do, but he needs more.  He goes to our park program 2 
days a week, but I think he is home alone the other days.  His ex brother 
in-law lives with him, but he has to work.  I think they should turn Ron's 
house (his parents left the house to him at their death) into a small 
residential home and have a house mother (?) to watch over the men and 
particularly take care of Ron's diabetes care.  Being a mother of a young 
adult that is retarded I am very much against people with disabilities living 
with parents or other relatives.  They need to be in their own living 
situation.  I really don't see this happening with Ron so I guess he will 
continue taking X number of units of insulin for whatever meal no matter what 
he eats.  That is not the way to take insulin unless you are eating the same 
exact thing for each meal every day.

Thanks again for your notes.  I was really upset about Ron and still am.  I 
can't go see him today, but I will call.  Hopefully, when I do call someone 
else will be there so I can find out what is going on.

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