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Re: [IP] Very Upset--Help --Long

Jane, you obviously missed a very important point that I think I mentioned.  
Ron is a man with Down Syndrome.  He is retarded and not as high functioning 
as the Down Syndrome people that are born today.  He is very lucky that he 
wasn't killed at birth or put into an institution.  His parents died several 
years ago before I met him.  His family is a sister, cousins, and an ex 
brother in-law.  The ex brother in-law lives in Ron's house with him.  They 
have always been good friends, but he does have a job and can't stay with Ron 
during the day.  Ron very much wants to live and to eat right, but he does 
not have the know how.  Food is put in the house for him.  The impression I 
get is that it is mostly fatty TV meals that he puts in the micro wave and 
syringes are filled for him.  Different units are put in different 
containers.  For breakfast he takes X units, for lunch he takes X units, and 
for supper he takes X units.  All he basically knows how to do is the blood 
test.  He doesn't know how to count carbs, how much insulin to take, or how 
to fill the syringe.  After I was diagnosed I was bound and determined to 
teach my daughter how to do all that, but unfortunately I have not done it 
yet.  She does not have diabetes and I hope she never does, but I would like 
for her to be prepared.  Jane, I know you won't be following Ron's footsteps 
because you know how to take care of yourself, but Ron is retarded and has no 
clue how too take care of his diabetes.

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