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[IP] Re: Yippee, my ins pays for pump

I joined this list last week to get an idea of what pumping would be
like.  Thanks to so many of you who have written to give me helpful
advice and support, and the list has been very valuable!!  I don't see
how the guy who just signed off thought there was no info... I talked to
the nurse at my new endo (will see him for the first time Friday), to
see if they have anyone on the pump who is type2. She said that most of
their pump patients are type 2.  She does the training herself and is
certified with MM.  This doctor is very thorough (i've heard) and is
apparently pro-pump.  My insurance (Tri-Care Prime) will pay 80%, but I
almost fell on the floor when I found out how much they cost!! My 20%
will be a lot. The representative who I talked to today at Tri-Care said
that sometimes the company who sells the pumps will let you make
payments on your cost share.  Anyone have any experience with this?  Are
the supplies very expensive??  Also, how long does it take to get used
to a pump?  We are going to be going to a family reunion in Phoenix the
end of Oct.   and I don't want to be traveling and visiting and be
unfamiliar with this.  Also, just thinking about being with a couple of
family members can make my BS go out of whack <G>  Gotta love 'em
though.  Thanks to all of you, I am much more informed and a little less
afraid. The fear of a hypo in the middle of the night scares me silly



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