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Re: [IP] Very Upset--Help --Long

Gwen -

I don't kknow what to suggest about Ron.  If he doesn't have the
determination  and
the will to stick to his diet, there may  not be much you can do.  My first
10 years were really tough, but EYE was the one who had to realize what had
to be done!  After several unwanted bouts in the hospital, I realized that I
was the only one with the answer.  And, finally, I began to realize - but i
WAS young and stupid and hard-headed!  You can't save him, if he doesn't
want to be saved!  Sorry, this may be harsh, but I've watched SO many people
die of diabetes who didn't have to!  My best friend's sister - at least 100
pounds overweight - her Father told me this in June this year, 10 years
after she died  - never (NEVER ) stuck to her diet, and consequently died of
diabetes.  I'm sorry for Ron, but determined NOT to follow in his footsteps.

Good luck, Jane

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