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Re: [IP] Re: schools against kids - Sorry it's long!

I've been reading the postings with this heading from the last couple of days 
and while I can see how these problems are problems I'm not sure that 
"schools against kids" would be a heading I would choose. I agree that nurses 
should be in every school, I taught in Nevada for three years and have 
experienced the need for a medical professional to be there when they aren't. 
I also agree, to an extent, that students should have the freedom to "self 
medicate" and take care of themselves.

    However, in the society we live in today nurses are in demand and school 
jobs - which don't pay as well- are not always what they want. Never mind 
taxpayers not wanting to pay more money for anything. As far as lancets in 
the classroom, in a society where I as a teacher have to worry about students 
bringing knives and guns into my classroom and where I can be held liable for 
any little thing that goes wrong,  I can see where blood and a sharp object 
might be of some concern for a teacher or an administrator. They have to 
worry about what another student might do if they could get a hold of a dirty 
strip or a lancet. I know it sounds far fetched, but stranger things have 
happened. I didn't think 10 years ago when I started college to be a teacher 
that 11 and 12 year olds would shoot students exiting a building for a fire 
drill or that teenagers would spend months planning to blow up their school. 
We are told to watch everything and anything, perhaps your teachers are just 
being extra careful, for the benefit of the entire classroom. I don't have 
answers, just another perspective. As a teacher with diabetes, I keep my 
testing supplies and lancets locked up with all my other "valuables" so that 
they don't fall into the wrong hands. And while the administration does allow 
me to eat when I have to, I have received phone calls and notes from angry 
parents who did not appreciate me eating in front of their child. Ignorance 
comes from all sides. Good luck with your struggles.
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