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Re: [IP] Very Upset--Help --Long

I am so sad to read what happened to  Ron.  Now that he is in the hospital
he is in the best place for him right now and let's pray and hope this is a
new Beginning not an end for Ron.
Is he far away from you? If not, and if you can, why not go and visit and
talk to the nurses or doctor and express your concerns and then speak with
social services about your concerns about his diabetes and his lack of
control of his bgs.
You mentioned that now his BGs were in the 300's the last you heard..well
they are coming down. they can't over treat him either right now. But look
at it this way..300's are better then 700's. Sounds like he was in DKA.
Well..now he is getting treated and now is time to express your concerns.
It really is frustrating when you care for someone's health and there
doesn't seem to be anything you can do for him but now maybe there is.
Keep on keeping on and please let us know how Ron is doing and I will keep
him in my prayers also. Keep your hope ok?
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please email me or chat with me if you wish..I am usually on line:)


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