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[IP] Weary and Confused

Ex-husband finally spoke to the endo today about my son's high b/s.  (He is 
not as accessible as I'd like).  The endo said that the reason the numbers 
are high is because we are not following the "schedule" - and proceeded to 
tell my ex that Justin can only eat no more than 75 carbs per meal, 25 as 
snack, and must eat three meals and two snacks at certain times of the day - 
in other words, the same damn routine we were on with MDI.  When I heard that 
I just about flipped.  Called our CDE and asked her if we get no flexibility 
with the pump, then why are we on it?  In a politically correct way (after 
all, the endo is her boss), she basically told us that "some people" are very 
rigid in their treatment of D, and that in her opinion, if Justin is eating a 
lot, its because his growing body needs it (he's almost 12) and that his bs 
highs are not due to too many carbs but incorrect insulin dosing.  Proceeded 
to spend time with us going over all the "rules" (1500, 1800, 450) .  Ended 
up suggesting what I had thought all along - that our basals need increasing 
and our ratio needs fine-tuning.  We are increasing basals from .6 to .7 and 
ratio from 1:15 to 1:10.  She told me I should trust my instincts and that 
what I thought was good corrective action was, in fact, right.  Made me feel 
MUCH better.  I was very pro-active with MDI, but since this pumping is new, 
I've been hesitant to do much without Dr. approval.  THAT will change.  My 
question is:  what's up with the endo keeping us on a rigid schedule?  Am I 
missing something?  I pretty much decided I will keep educating myself and 
making decisions in conjunction with the CDE if needed, and just stick to the 
endo for quarterly checkups.  Your input is appreciated.  I'm very confused 
about this.
Thank G-d for you people!
BTW, anybody here in the Metro DC area?  Would love to perhaps start a real 
time parent group.
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