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Re: [IP] Re:glucagon

Jen -

I have glucose tablets in my purse, in my glove commpartment, and at work in
my top drawer.  By the time I feel it, I'm in serious need!  With the pump,
my sensitivity to lows has returned, but because of serious incidents, I'm
nervous.  I would also get low during the night, and be unable to walk
downstairs to the kitchen for the Coke that raised my bg.  Many nights I
slid downstairs on the carpeting and crawled to the kitchen, hangiing on to
the furniture. So right there, next to the bed, in an open dish - that, if I
can open the drawer of the nightable, I can get the tablets.  Keep the
glucagon!  If you save ONE trip to the ER, it's worth it!!!

Good luck!             Jane

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