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[IP] In Need of Glucagon/School HELP!!

Greetings all:
    The following e-mail was forwarded to me by a mutual friend. The mom who 
wrote the inquiry has a newly pumping 16 year old, so I'm directing her to 
our IP "family" too! If anyone has had success with pursuing the glucagon 
issue in school, please write to Mary Ann directly at email @ redacted I told 
her this group is THE #1 most credible resource around!!
Regards, Renee (16 yr old Melissa's pump-mom/coach)
.the aforementioned post follows below:........
I spoke with our school district nurse again yesterday regarding the 
administering of glucagon in our school, and was told again, that the state 
nursing board, by law does not allow anyone except a nurse to administer 
it..Our nurses rotate the schools, and we actually only have a nurse once or 
twice a week..not full time..In the event of an emergency, 911 would be 
called, we'd wait for an ambulance, and when she got to the hospital her 
needs would be addressed. (I'm told that our ambulance service also doesn't 
do glucagon..!!!)  That's a lot of time gone by...
I spoke briefly with some of you at CC on this issue and vowed to make a 
change in our schools, but I need your help..Anyone who has already dealt 
with this, and I think we all have, either with success or not, please tell 
me where to go from here..According to 504 and our kids bill of rights, 
shouldn't the school have to provide for the administering of glucagon, one 
way or another...either train someone who is not a nurse, or staff a nurse at 
our school full time ?  
All of your thoughts, stories and help would be greatly appreciated..I have 
the attention of the school board president and feel that the time is right 
to act on this issue...thanks !!!  maryann zucker in reno

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