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[IP] night time highs/basals : solution!


I just love this fluctuation!

after writing this post yesterday...wouldn't you know that geneva was
running on the low end last night during this time frame of 8-12 pm.

we had her on a basal of 0.7 starting at 7 PM

for once she didn't snack too much after school.  a few cookies and
peppermint patties  ( a new snack since pumping!!!)  and she correctly
bolused for both.  not a big dinner, some potatoes and caulifower.  she was
115 at 8 pm (too high for post prandial so we will adjust the carb ratio a
tad),  dropped to 79 at 8:20.  treated with 8 chos of sweet tarts  (we tried
them,   :-),  after the post here).  she then only went up to 93,  45 min.
later.    she felt like she was still dropping and ate 8 chos more.  by
10:15 pm she was only 107.

I did a temp basal of 0.6 for the next hours :  9, 10, 11 pm.

at 11 pm she was 132.  I immediately began to think she would plummet at
midnight (as she always has done in the past with basals of 1.0 - 1.4!!....I
wonder why???!!!) so I set her normal midnight basal of 0.3 down to 0.2.

at 3 am she was an OK 160.

woke up at 7 am at 189.

I think I will set her 9, 10 and 11 pm  basal to 0.6 tonight  (and extend
her afternoon basal of 0.5 up until then)   and try to keep her from eating
too much.  I will go back to her normal midnight - 4:30 am basal of 0.3 and
then she goes up to 0.5.  this ALWAYS keeps her steady until wakeup.

I guess what I am deducting is what you are saying, sue.

...that all of this food between school ending and bedtime is just
accumulating, as are/is the insulin boluses.   thus we are getting incorrect
readings at this time.  I was "chasing the lows" with her basals and she
would drop like a rock at midnight or 1 am.

so we have to just assume that she will be in the 200's during this time due
to all of the food and the insulin constantly trying to 'keep up'.

thanks for letting me think this one out, folks.


>I never know whether it is food
> or her basals that are making her have numbers between 200-300.>>>

>>I just attribute
> it to the fact that her H she has taken for her meal hasn't been fully
> up before she is off and testing again for a snack.

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