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[IP] College Research Paper, Thanks!

Hi Everyone!
    I just wanted to thank everyone for their help with my college research 
paper for my class Emotional Development.  I have received a number of 
responses and have found everyone's stories very interesting.  
    I failed to mention when I put up my post asking for help, that I myself 
am a diabetic and have been the past 11yrs.  I was diagnosed two days after 
my 10th birthday.  Though I was upset and scared I knew a lot about the 
disease.  My oldest sister Michelle who is 10 yrs older than me had already 
had diabetes for 13yrs.  I would always watch her give her injections and see 
what she had to do that came along with taking care of herself and her 
diabetes.  I also have another sister Heather who is 3yrs older than me and 
was diagnosed five years and one week after me.  So I had a lot of support 
behind me and was giving it out as well.  I also have an older brother who is 
29yrs old now and has been getting tested.  The doctors have predicted that 
he will be diagnosed within 5yrs, but so far he is okay.
    Through my teenage yrs I did rebel and did not take care of myself all 
that well.  I do regret it now looking back to that time in my life.  Now I 
am much more aware of the effects diabetes can have on my body.  To get in 
better control I started using the Minimed 507C insulin pump about 6 months 
ago.  I am such better control now and feel I have so much more freedom with 
    If anyone else would like to share their stories on how they felt when 
they were first diagnosed and at what age you were, I would love to hear from 
you.  I will be using all this data in my paper near the end of the semester. 
    You can e-mail me privately at email @ redacted
Thanks again for all your help!   Kerri
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