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[IP] Welcome Ashley

Greetings and Welcome to our list-

Just wanted to let you know that are a number of diabetic (women) on this list who suffer from eating disorders - mostly do to anorexic behavior but some, like me, who was 'diagnosed' as bulimic (under insulinizing).  It's easy to see that trying to achieve rigid control has uncovered yet another 'complication' that many have experienced, although, I must admit it's NOT something I've ever heard discussed in any diabetes forum.  

In eating disorder groups that I've participated in, I often heard an unknowing member remark, "I wish I had something like diabetes so I'd be forced to take better care of myself!"  Ahhhhhh, if they only knew.  Seems to me a true definition of any 'addiction' is that you can't stop without intervention even when you do know it's killing you.  Hopefully pumping will spare some 'newer' diabetics from the ravages of rigid control.

Glad you're with us.  


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