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[IP] Re:glucagon

> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] Re: refrigerated glucagon
> I have never used glucagon, and do not now even have it in the house.
> With my own circumstances revealed, I wonder, which pumpers used glucagon?
> What were the circumstances?

Like you, I have been very lucky in terms of serious lows.  In 13+ years, I have never had
to use glucagon.  There have been some close calls, I have scared a few of my relatives
pretty seriously, and I have tested as low as 25.  Participation in this list has made me
more humble and less complacent in terms of assuming it won't happen to me.  However, with
the pump I do feel less likely to experience severe lows.  I have less insulin on board and
greater control of its flow, and I test more frequently.



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