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Re: [IP] night time highs/basals

<<<the period of time between when she comes home from school (3:15)  and 
3 am...is the pits.
she is always high and constantly eating.  I never know whether it is food
or her basals that are making her have numbers between 200-300.>>>

Ruth, just as a thought -- I'm wondering, if in fact Geneva is always eating 
during this time frame, how you can test and get accurate readings? I know we 
have the same situation with Amy. Because of volleyball and soccer, after 
practices and games there is so little left of the day! She gets home late, ( 
7 - 8ish), eats late, wants a snack before going to bed (about 1 - 2 hours 
later) and I wonder why we can't always have good readings! I just attribute 
it to the fact that her H she has taken for her meal hasn't been fully used 
up before she is off and testing again for a snack. We have found it best NOT 
to correct for a high during this time frame, and at her midnight check, she 
is averaging in the mid 120's, consistently. If only I could do a basal test 
during this time, I would know for sure, but I don't have the heart to ask 
her not to eat after all those sports! I think her midnight number says it's 
doing just fine. Could this be what is happening with Geneva also?

<<several of you who have 10 yr. olds near 86 lbs. have them on 0.7 during
this time.  (I kept my notes)
has anyone done anything higher?  do your kids plummet suddenly 

Amy is older, 13 and right around 105 lbs., so not the same as Geneva. But 
her basals are entirely different, possibly because of her sports -- midnight 
=1.1, 6a.m. =0.8, 3p.m. = 0.5, and 9p.m.= 0.7

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