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[IP] 504 plan

I just got back from Taylor's 504 plan, and it went great!!!  I must say I
was quite skeptical going into it.  But with everything I wanted they did.
I think I finally got it through to them that Taylor should not exercise at
ALL if he is out of his parameters.  They also will have a copy of his 504
plan in the substitute teacher file in the classroom.  He always will have
access to the phone.  He will have a buddy with him if he is low (they sent
him out, alone, to the office yesterday with a blood sugar of 29!!).  I also
went into field trips.  After yesterday's low, I asked them the policy re:
Taylor becoming unconscious because of the lows.  They really didn't know.
So I had it put into the 504 for them to give the glucagon.  As long as I
write out the instructions for them they will give it, if the need be.  I
feel all in all the meeting was very productive.

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