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RE: [IP] Insurance-Blue Cross/Blue Shield

    I also have Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  I had no problems 
going onto the pump, it's just that they only cover $1500.  I 
financed the rest over a 12-month period (which came out to 
a down payment of $499 and $166.33/month; I got Blue 
Cross/Blue Shield's negotiated rate of $3995 rather than 
$4495). I use a Minimed and when I made my initial phone 
call one of the questions asked was the results of my last 
A1C, which was a 6.8.  Minimed said it could be a problem 
but they would handle that and get all the necessary 
paperwork from my doctor.  I received a phone call less 
than a week later explaining that I was all set and that 
Blue Cross rarely declines with a doctor's authorization 
and any other problems that arose with Blue Cross,
Minimed handles on my behalf.  Blue Cross also covers 
supplies.  They allow me to fill my orders for 3 months 
at a time, however, the only problem I have is that their 
idea of a 3 month supply and mine are different (not with
the necessities like reservoirs and softsets, but with things 
like extra tape [I do the sandwich method] or extra IV prep 
[with sweating from exercising, I sometimes need to add 
extra tape and need to use IV prep before I do].  Also, I 
have not found a way for Blue Cross to cover batteries, 
but I have been able to find them for about $2.99 each.

    I did also speak with Disetronic.  They did not have 
any type of relationship with Blue Cross like Minimed 
did and a lot of the work that Minimed did on behalf I 
have ended up having to do on my own and as a result 
of that, going on a Disetronic would have taken as much 
two months. 

    When I do need to speak with Blue Cross, they 
seem to recognize a Minimed pump rather than a 
Disetronic and when I speak with Minimed, they are 
very familiar with Blue Cross and said they are one of 
the better insurance companies when it comes to getting 
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