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RE: [IP] Insurance-Blue Cross/Blue Shield

I guess it may depend what plan you have with BC/BS.  My batteries are
I had no problem with pump coverage and had to pay 500.00 out of pocket
which was also taken care of when I had to send in only ONE of my
Disetronic pumps..so I still have 2 pumps! Win-win is what I work for.

When it seemed like it was taking a bit too long I called my insurance and
then Minimed and decision was made in 5 minutes...and pump came later that

Again I think it all depends what your policiy is. But even with some out
of pocket expense I would go with it. Pumping has saved my life.  When I
had to get my first pump I had a different insurance and pump would not be
paid for..so we took out a loan.
and bought a pump off the gray market..and it was fine with my doctor.
Thankfully I had the support of my doc doing all of that a few years ago:)
I would do whatever I had to to get a pump. Well..within reason and morals.
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