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[IP] corporate help for the list


> Have you considered seeking some corporate sponsorship?  I know
> is tricky, but it shouldn't be impossible as long as there's no
> conflict of interest.  For example, if both MiniMed and Disetronic,
> the two pump competitors supported our list/site, no one could
> undue influence.

Yes, I've contacted them several times without success so far. 
I've received a response from MM that they are looking into it, 
I've never heard back from Disetronic, not even a response to 
my queries. Guess they don't consider what we do to be valuable, but 
who knows. It is very discouraging sometimes to work so hard and be 
rebuffed by the primary economic beneficiaries. But you folks on the 
list are great and I will keep up the effort. Hopefully the pump 
companies will see that they too benefit from the Insulin Pumpers' 
community and help to support us. <

then maybe we need to have a letter campaign from enthusiastic members
of this list.

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