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Re: [IP] IP softsets not so soft

At 10:52 PM 9/7/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi my name is Julie,
>I have been diabetic for 18 years and on the MM pump 
>506 for 10 yrs .. lately I am having a big problem with my softset .. I tend 
>to perspire a lot and because of this my site get loose and either falls out 
>or moves to cause redness and sometimes infection also my soft sets have
>been leaking .. 

Like you, I have had problems with unexplained highs and have then found my
infusion site leaking.  Seems to me to be the result of rejecting the
catheter (but that may be a wild guess).  

I shifted my infusion sets to Silhouettes and that helped a lot.  I still
have an occasional leaky site and the folks on the list refer to "site
corruption" or "site degradation" as a possible reason.  My body just
reacts badly to plastics penetrating the skin.

Sometimes I snag the tubing on something or snag the infusion button on the
edge of a table and the tube will pull out without dislodging the infusion
set itself.  I get an increase in BG until OI do some trouble shooting.
There have been times when I had to change the set every day.  Other days
it will function properly for three days.  

If you find one culprit, one thinng to change and solve the problem, I'd
love to know what it was.  I continue to look at each anomolie as a new
problem to solve.

Wishing for more consistancy,
Bob Blakely
email @ redacted
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