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Re: [IP] batteries and $$$$$

At 07:53 AM 9/7/99 -0700, you wrote:
>my question now is...is it cheaper to purchase the battery supply from MM as
>we just did...or to go to Walmart or Target or someplace and buy them there?
>anyone price checking these things?
for the longest time I thought aside from MM the only place to get them was
at radio shack.  I was paying about 2.25 each for them there.  then one day
at the supermarket, I noticed them there.  they were about 1.75 each there.
 I now found out that my insurance covers the batteries so I order them
with my supplies.  Oh, if anyone happens to be military, the run 1.15 at
the PX.  I used to have my dad, retired military, pick them up for me.

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